AUGUST, 2022

Hey beautiful, its six months!!! Six months of joy. You have changed my life in every way. You have brought me closer to god, made me a harder worker, and made me the happiest man alive. Recently, every night before I go to sleep I imagine being cuddled up next to you watching big brother and screaming at evil Michael. I imagine dancing with you under the blue light to Your Song and kissing you. I truly love you more than anything Grace Suber.  

One of the reasons the last few weeks has been so amazing is because of how close we’re getting. I’ve never felt closer to anyone or anything in my life. I’ve never been so at peace in life, knowing that no matter what as long as I have you I’ll be okay. You are my medicine and my reason to be Gracee. There has NEVER been a happier person than me late at night at mary’s across the table from the the love of my life (who just so happens to be the most beautiful girl in the world). I need and want you in my life more than anything. I’ll always be here no matter what. I love you baby (especially because you won’t leave me for a u of m football player!!).