JUNE, 2022

Hey gracee, I know I have subjected to you to a bunch of reading and cringy cheesy stuff recently (and there is more to come), but I want to keep this site up to date with my love for you. So here I go. 

This month has been amazing. Getting closer with you has really made me Alex again and it shows in all areas of my life. My mom noticed that I am happier and more present, my grades have improved, and I am even doing better in the gym. Being in your life and giving you my love is what I was meant to do. You aren’t some side character in my life. You are the main character! I hope you never get tired of all of this stuff I write to you because right now, writing this, I am the happiest man on earth. I love to look at pictures of you and think of all the amazing moments we’ve had and write down my feelings for you. 

You might ask. But Alex! What makes me so cool? Well, let me name the first 3 that come to mind. 

The first thing that comes to mind when I think to myself, ” why do I love grace suber?” is your heart. This manifests itself in your values, your attention to detail, and your passion. Your values (such as not drinking or partying and family values) make you so attractive to me. It is incredibly rare to find a human being that thinks like you on these issues and I love it. Next, your attention to detail is really something I’ve never experienced. No girl has ever figured out what syrup I like to make me feel more comfortable. You even text me consistently because you know I’m an overthinker and you want me to feel secure. I love that so much Grace. Finally, your passion. Your love for me and the fact that your vision of our future lines up with mine is everything I could ever ask for. You treat me so well Gracee.

Your brain is a very cool thing to be honest. Your use of big words is honestly super attractive to me and your way of looking at things and really thinking about matters instead of just being ignorant in life is really amazing. Not only are you super smart, but you actually use your intelligence to achieve goals miss 4.14, #1 GPA in the county, full ride scholarship! Another cool thing about your brain is that you have an amazing personality. Yes, you’re sorta introverted, but that’s what makes you and I click. I feel like our personalities mold very well and that really is what makes me love you so much. 

PS: you also have some funny jokes…

Disclaimer: I don’t love you because of your beauty it’s just a cool plus that I get dating the love of my life, so I guess it doesn’t really belong here, but I want to include it anyways.

Your eyes are perfect. They hold so much love. When I look into your eyes, I get butterflies remembering the first time I was close to you on our second date looking into your beautiful eyes. You have the cutest nose. Its small and has freckles on it and I would love to kiss it every second of every day. Your hair is that of a goddess. I don’t know how it’s possible for your hair to always look good even when its messy (I’ve never seen a girl that has such a talent). Your smile. Oh my your smile! It is gorgeous. You have the most kissable lips and most perfect white teeth. Your smile radiates happiness across the room. Your ears! Did you know many people have what I would call “weird” ears? Well, you are not one of those people. You have the cutest ears that I just wanna kiss and run my finger over as I run my hands through your hair.