JULY, 2022

Dear My Beautiful Girlfriend,

     Hey Gracee, it’s Alex . Today I have decided to write you a virtual letter. Please let me know if you like this (and if this font is too hard to read). Anyway, I would like to start by telling you how excited I am for you to be coming here. I mention this in the video too, but I am just so excited . Every day I think about what we’ll be doing a month from now. I think about our dates that can last as long as we want them to. I think about being able to surprise you with things and more. I know that you are excited too, but I also know you’re scared. It is a scary time, but I know you can handle it. You are such a strong girl, and you’re more capable than you know. I will be here for you no matter what as you adapt grace. 

     Another thing that I wanted to mention was us recently. You and I are on our 5th month!!! That is absolutely crazy and with it will come some struggles; however, I know we will persevere. I know this because not only are we stronger together, but we’re meant to be. I truly believe this from the bottom of my heart and it shows. It shows in our communication (which is the most healthy that I’ve every experienced in a relationship) and in our passion . The next few months will be crazy for you and I, but at the end of it I’ll know one thing, one thing I’ve known for a while now: I want to marry you . No challenge we might face can change that I promise you. 

     The last thing I wanted to talk about was a song that has always made me think about you (Yes, I mean always even a year+ ago). It’s below and its called This Time. It is a song in a movie I like called August Rush (Part of the inspiration for Augustus Maskeny). Anyways, in this movie August’s parents fell in love and had August, but never knew each other’s names. Because of this they lost each other for many years, but eventually found their way back together. This song and that movie always made me think about maybe finding you again. Here I am 5 months later writing this letter. It almost makes me cry haha. I love you forever Grace Suber and I’m glad we found our way back into each other’s arms.

Love Alex,