MARCH, 2022

Wasn’t march a sick month grace? Well, it was to me. I met the love of my life and this dream I’ve had for years of being with you became a reality. When I walked in and saw that shirt you were wearing (What color was it pink? or nude?) I was amazed. This is GRACE SUBER holy crap. I was so happy, and the conversation made it even better. It went better than I could have ever expected and now here we are. Crazy right?

After I kissed you and walked out, I was verbally saying “FUCK YEA BROOOO” to myself as I drove home jamming You Shook Me All Night Long. My life changed from that moment. I knew then and there that we would find some way to be together. 

I know this picture isn’t from march but DAMN. I know you were like 14, but this was one of the first pictures I saw of you, and you looked absolutely stunning.

I did some digging, and our second date was on March 30th, so it counts as part of march. Wow was that date not just amazing? Those jeans and that black shirt made me feel some things the moment I saw you. After we hugged and started talking in the coffee shop, I was again in shock. I am on not my first, but SECOND date with Grace freaking Suber. If you remember, after we left the coffee shop, we went to the mall parking lot (lol we never went in). We just talked for hours and kissed. Being with you in that moment was honestly one of the happiest moments of my life. I put two of the most memorable songs from that day: Sid & Nancy and Tiny Dancer.