MAY, 2022

Hey Gracee. At this point you’ve done a lot of reading… I’m sorry for forcing you to read. Anyways, its MAY! You graduated in May and became a whole freaking adult. Not only that but I fell deeper in love with you and, in turn, became a happier guy. May was the month I realized that oh my gosh we are actually going to be together. You graduating made me so excited because you’re going to be living close to me so soon! I even built a timer for this lol. But I did a lot of loving you behind the scenes. I’m not always the best with words, but I love you more than you know. I’ve been listening to a song you recommended and closing my eyes imagining dancing with you ever since you recommended it to me in May.

As we know, later in the month I actually saw you graduate and was able to hang out with you. You know what made me the happiest guy on earth? When you woke me up by lying next to me with a hug. Every time I felt your touch I was filled with joy (by the way this still happens so hug me plz :D). I never told you but that night I had a wet dream about you joining me in your bed and the following day wanted to do more than kiss you so bad. But aside from horny Alex, us driving around the country roads was such a fun experience. I was in my pjs, you were in your pjs, and I was in a totally new and interesting environment (an environment with cows haha) with the love of my life. Let’s do that more often. I love you.