Grace, I made this section mainly because I haven’t really had a chance to be grateful for you. I truly am so happy to have you. October 9th, 2022 will be a day I smile and get goosebumps from anytime I hear it for the rest of my life. You know throughout most of this website I emphasize how you saved me, and yes you did, but you have done much more than that. You have made my life so precious and valuable. Life truly is wonderful when you’re in the world grace and I thank god every day to have the pleasure of calling you mine. How did I convince such an amazing human being to marry me? No freaking idea, but hey I won’t question it. I hope you are doing okay right now Grace. I will always love you infinitely and nothing will ever get in between us. Not kids, not a business, not other people, nothing! 

You know even though I didn’t give u the most insane, shocking proposal it was still an absolutely fun night. Seeing you in that beautiful dress across from me enjoying your sparkling juice and later CHANTING golddigger was quite the amazing experience. (I will be sure to tell our kids about that when they’re old enough to know that song). Another amazing part of the night was our little slow dance. I don’t know if there exists anything on this earth that more closely defines a happy person than me in that moment, holding the love of my life. I know you thought the night was awkward, but I thought it was perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing. The pace of sex on fire was the perfect song to propose to you with and at this moment I am at peace. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.